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O365: Improve Microsoft Office Skills

By Julia Chester on Jun 24, 2021 7:15:24 PM

So, your company has made the move and you're living your best Microsoft Office 365 life. Congratulations! From Teams to the Office Suite your workday has gone from sour to sweet. Right? Hopefully! We all know the saying "Give a woman a fish, she'll eat for a day. Teach a woman to fish and she'll never be hungry again." Well, if it's one thing we've learned working with our customers, this saying embodies it fully! You can have all the tools in the world with the bells and whistles to boot but if you don't know how to use those tools (and most importantly, how to use them specifically for your business) then they aren't worth anything to you. Luckily, there's a simple solution: knowledge. Knowledge is power and in this blog, we're going to show your our superpower when it comes to learning all things Microsoft Office 365.

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All of Your Post-Email Migration Questions for Office 365, Answered

By Bruno Lecoq on Apr 1, 2021 12:53:33 PM

If you're reading this blog, congratulations are certainly in order! You've completed your email migration and are all set to move forward with the full power of Office 365. With Office 365 you and your team will enjoy a suite of tools to take you through every aspect of business in a breeze. Still, a migration is a big feat and you may have a few things to tidy up post-migration, that's why you're here. So, without further ado, let me walk you and yours through the top issues we see post-migration. Don't worry, they are quick and easy fixes and you'll be on your way in no time!

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