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Welcome Lauren MacBlane, BEMO's Second Hire of 2021

By Julia Chester on Jun 10, 2021 12:45:23 PM

Please help us in welcoming to the team Lauren MacBlane! Lauren is our newest BEMO team member and will be joining us as our second Customer Success Manager. She will focus on creating stellar relationships with our customers, helping them create long-term plans and keeping them happy as clams. Lauren will work closely with Domonic and Carol.

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Welcome Sylwia Chmielewska, BEMO's First Hire of 2021

By Julia Chester on Jun 3, 2021 5:03:26 PM

Sylwia is the newest addition to our BEMO team and we couldn't be happier to have her! Joining us as our Head of People, Sylwia will be a stellar addition to our Leadership Team and will spearhead our aggressive recruiting plan, seeking out the best of the best for BEMO. We are so pleased to have her on the team!

A little background on Sylwia:

Sylwia comes to the U.S. by way of her homeland of Poland. Sylwia and her husband arrived in Washington state for what they thought would be a short stint in Redmond when he was recruited by Microsoft. 17 years later, they are still living in Washington! Having gone to law school in Poland, Sylwia was drawn to the rules and order as well as the help Human Resources provides companies and their employees.

Luckily for us, HR is what brought her to know our CEO, Bruno Lecoq, and what brings them to work together again, all these years later at BEMO! While Washington has clearly created a place in Sylwia's heart, when asked where her favorite place on earth was, she replied "My parents' house". Family is important to Sylwia. Her favorite family tradition? "Eating dinner together every day. We laugh a lot during dinner". says Sylwia about herself, her husband, and their two kiddos, ages 13 and 7. Their bunny, Coco, and their fish, Sparkly, also add to the fun.


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How to Clear Your Outlook Cache

By Julia Chester on Dec 25, 2020 5:45:00 AM

Everyone loves a speedy email experience, right? Of course. There's nothing worse than watching your email update or waiting for messages to load. Cache files to the rescue! Sort of...Outlook creates and saves cache files to your computer in order to create a speedy service. However, these saved files aren't always speed demons, in fact, sometimes they step on the brakes. How? Read along to find out why you might want to clear your Outlook cache and most importantly, how to do it!

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Customer Interviews, Phase II: A Change Is Gonna Come, 10 Promises for 2020 and Beyond

By Julia Chester on Nov 6, 2020 4:51:32 PM

Earlier this fall, we had our final of 10 customer interviews. It was a process we began in summer of this year and one that was long overdue. With the last interview complete, we dove on in to the data, both qualitative (in-depth interviews) and quantitative (surveys). What did we find and thus, what change will come? Read along to find out.

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Welcome Christophe Koehl, BEMO's Seventh Hire of 2020!

By Julia Chester on Oct 30, 2020 4:53:28 PM

Christophe Koehl is our newest addition to the BEMO team! Christophe joins us as an Implementation Engineer. He is an expert in Autopilot and Intune deployment and will be a wonderful addition to our team (a statement we know is true because he has worked with Carol, Cata and Bruno in the past!). Christophe will work closely with Bruno, Mohamed, Cata and Harpreet of our Implementation Team. 

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Customer Interviews, Phase I: We Asked, You Answered

By Julia Chester on Sep 25, 2020 6:24:09 PM

When I joined BEMO, six months ago now (!), I was curious about our customers. Working in Marketing, I spent very little time actually interacting with them, yet our blog, our vision, everything we do is meant to revolve around them. You see the disconnect, right? Certainly my comrades at BEMO could tell me about our customers and advise me, but talking about swimming and catapulting off the high dive are two different things. So, I dove right in.

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Welcome Sakshi Tomar, BEMO's Sixth Hire of 2020!

By Julia Chester on Sep 18, 2020 12:25:04 PM

We are happy to announce that Sakshi Tomar has joined the BEMO team! Sakshi will be our first hire solely dedicated to Technical Support. She will help our customers navigate issues and utilize the full potential of their tools. She will work both with the Implementation and the Customer Success teams!

A little to share about Sakshi:

Sakshi hails from India where she lives just ten minutes from one of our other team members, Harpreet Singh, who is a good friend of hers. 

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Our 23 Employee Benefits: The Final Outcome

By Julia Chester on Sep 11, 2020 5:02:28 PM

UPDATE, January 2021: When we first published this post last fall, 2020, we mentioned it would be updated as our benefits were update. Now's the time! Check out what's new in the world of BEMO benefits (hint: it's amazing đź‘Ź).

We started our BEMO benefits discussion earlier this summer and now, come early fall, the votes are in, the revisions have been made and...

It's time for to reveal the final outcome.

So, what are our BEMO benefits now? Read along to find out.

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We Ranked The 23 Team Member Benefits As A Company

By Julia Chester on Sep 4, 2020 11:09:23 AM

Earlier this summer, our CEO and CFO asked all of our BEMO employees to participate in a week-long brainstorm. "A week-long brainstorm? About what?" you might wonder. Our employee benefits. So, brainstorm we did. This blog will discuss the next step we endeavored upon as a team: voting on the brainstormed benefits. 

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Welcome Domonic Lastoria, BEMO's Fifth Hire of 2020!

By Julia Chester on Sep 2, 2020 12:05:43 PM

Domonic is the newest addition to our BEMO team. He will be joining us as our Customer Success Manager in order to build long-term relationships with our current customers and keep them delighted! Domonic will work closely with Brandon, Julia and Josh.

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47 min read

Your Complete Guide to Microsoft Email Security

By Julia Chester on Aug 28, 2020 1:15:15 PM

Technology is ever-evolving. Every day there are new ways to interact online and with those many points of access, open many doors for security issues. So, how does one stay on top of new tech while simultaneously protecting it? Just as tech is ever-evolving, so is our learning. In this guide, we will teach you the five steps you need to take to fully secure your email though Microsoft.

Topics: Microsoft 365 Step-by-Step Guide
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Welcome Carol Bubar, BEMO's Fourth Hire of 2020!

By Julia Chester on Jul 31, 2020 7:30:02 PM

Welcome to BEMO, Carol! Carol Bubar has joined BEMO as our newest team member and we couldn't be happier. Carol works as our Operational Excellence Manager, ensuring that BEMO runs as beautifully as a Swiss watch. Carol will be working closely with the entire team, optimizing sales and engineering operations to ensure that our customers are happy and we achieve all of our long and short-term initiatives.

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13 min read

9 Tips for Meeting with Microsoft Teams

By Julia Chester on Jul 24, 2020 3:27:49 PM

If you’re using Teams and you’re like me, you’re discovering new things about it every day. Microsoft has been a busy bee since the release of Teams and even more so since 2020 became the year of working from home. While there is certainly shiny and new goodness coming our way all the time, there are a few Teams staples everyone should master to have the best meetings possible. Let’s explore 9 tips for meeting with Teams (including one shiny newbie to look forward to).

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10 min read

10 Benefits of Microsoft Teams (To Make Life a Whole Lot Better)

By Julia Chester on Jun 12, 2020 9:00:00 AM

A few months ago, upon starting up with BEMO, they upgraded my setup from my  laptop to a new laptop and two monitors. It was an outright command station, if I'd ever seen one. At first I thought “Is this overkill?” but now I couldn’t imagine using anything else. My eyes thank me for it and so does my productivity, I couldn't imagine reverting to my old setup. When you taste the good life, there's no going back. Such is life with Microsoft Teams. Haven’t noticed? Let’s take a stroll through Teams and I’ll show you just how much better your life has become (perhaps without you even realizing it).

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7 min read

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection: Plan 1 vs Plan 2

By Julia Chester on Jun 5, 2020 5:37:12 PM

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) protects you by preventing dangerous links and malicious attachments from entering your organization via email and other tools (like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams). On the rare occasion that Office 365 ATP somehow fails to intercept these dangers, the automated investigation and response feature will kick in and remediate the breach. 

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Welcome Josh Franklin, BEMO's Third Hire of 2020!

By Julia Chester on May 29, 2020 6:45:10 PM

Josh is our newest BEMO team member and comes to us by way of Houston, Texas! Josh will join us as a Cloud Solutions Specialist, providing full-scope cloud consultations to our small and midsize businesses as well as to our education, government and non-profit customers. He'll be working closely with Brandon and Julia.

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Microsoft Authenticator App (MFA the easy way)

By Julia Chester on May 21, 2020 2:41:47 PM

I am busy. I have a sneaking suspicion that you are too. However, until recently, I donated precious time, multiple times a day, to getting out my phone and typing in a six digit code to authenticate my accounts. I get that we need security, but does Multi-Factor Authentication have to be this annoying?

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Spear Phishing vs. Phishing: The Difference And How To Prevent It

By Julia Chester on Apr 17, 2020 1:23:05 PM

As many companies shift their operations online (and their employees shift into their “daytime jammies”) so too must their attention shift to cybersecurity. In our current COVID-19 conundrum many companies are moving strictly online. With these moves, data protection is more important than ever. Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) are no exception. Despite the fact that 67 percent of SMBs experienced a cyberattack last year (according to Keeper Security’s report of 500 senior SMB decision makers) 66 percent still believe that a cyberattack is unlikely and 60 percent do not have a cyberattack prevention plan in place. No company is too big or too small to be hacked and the results can be devastating. The average cost of a cyberattack on SMBs is $200,000, after which most companies must close shop. Phishing is an issue we all face. So, let’s face it, shall we?

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