BeMo Business Intelligence (BI) Packs for Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server

Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities are offered with BeMo BI Packs and are available in various size and with different options. They are aimed to work seamlessly with either SharePoint or Project Server deployments hosted with BeMo. Our BI Packs provide users with a number of very powerful capabilities, designed to support the creation of customized reports and dashboard all aiming to help enterprise users making better business decisions.

All BeMo BI Packs include:

  • Dashboard Designer
  • PerformancePoint Services
  • Excel Services
  • SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

Optional BI Pack features include:

  • Terminal Services for BI
    You should consider this option if you do not have the VPN integration with your service. TS for BI is designed to assign up to 5 PWA users as BI administrator. It provides these users unfettered access to create database connections to various data sources using Excel, PerformancePoint and Dashboard Designer to develop customized reports and dashboards.
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
    SSAS delivers online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining functionality for business intelligence applications. Our SSAS option comes in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large to accommodate any size business.

Please visit to learn more about BeMo BI Packs and to find out great tutorials and articles on how to plan, deploy and configure Business Intelligence with SharePoint and Project Server.

BeMo hosted Project Server 2010 now compatible with Microsoft Office 365

BeMo is proud to announce that all its Microsoft Project Server 2010 solutions (Cloud, Shared, and Dedicated) are all Microsoft Office 365 compatible!

With Microsoft Office 365 everyone now can work virtually anywhere and can access email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars with a single sign on experience.   While Office 365 offers plans designed to fit your organization’s unique needs, they all have one limitation…Microsoft Project Server 2010 is currently not an option on any of those plans . BeMo – Project Intelligence, as a leader in Microsoft Project Server 2010 Hosting, has solved this problem by enabling its solutions to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 Active Directory service.

Starting now, you can subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 via any of their Office 365 Enterprise Plan for as low as $10 per month per user and then add Microsoft Project Server 2010 via our BeMo Cloud Lite or BeMo Cloud service and our Office 365 Active Directory integration option.

This will allow you to seemly enjoy connecting to Microsoft Project Server as well as all the Office 365 application.

Click here to find out more about BeMo hosted solutions.

Sign up now for BeMo Cloud or BeMo Cloud Lite  hosted Microsoft Project Server 2010 – ready in 30 minutes* and unlock the full power of Microsoft Project Server 2010.

An update to BeMo Lite for iPhone to be released in the coming days

Today, one customer reported the following issue with her BeMo Lite for iPhone v1.0

The error reported was:

The Dev team was able to reproduce the issue and just released a fix. Once Apple approves the updated version (can take up to 3 business days), every BeMo Lite for iPhone users will be get their application updated with this latest fix (v1.1)

Please continue to send us your feedback!

Currently testing Microsoft Project Server 2010 SP1

Thanks Microsoft Project Server team! BeMo’s team is now fully testing Project Server 2010 SP1 upgrade process within our own testing environment – so far, so good! Some very cool enhancements! – Once SP1 is passing our internal testing, we will upgrade all our servers so that all our customers can take full advantage of the Project Server 2010 SP1 – our goal is to complete the upgrade of all our servers by the end of the month (this is not a small tasks!) – Once complete, we will be more than happy to blog our findings and experience about the upgrade process.

Microsoft Business Intelligence now available with My BeMo – hosted Microsoft Project Server 2010 ready in 30 minutes

BeMo is pleased to announce that Microsoft Business Intelligence is now available as an option for My BeMo – hosted Microsoft Project Server 2010 ready in 30 minutes.

While from day 1 BeMo has been offering Microsoft BI with all its dedicated plans, we had to engineer a user-friendly and secure solution for our multi-tenant platform (My BeMo).  Our development team made it happening and since then we have received extremely positive feedback from our beta-user community. Also, we are amazed by the demand BI has generated from our subscribers. More than ever, we are ready to onboard more BI users and help them unlock the full power of Microsoft Project Server 2010.

What is BI?
BI is a reporting and dashboarding application build on top of Performance Point which help collect, categorize, understand, and make decisions about project data. To learn more about the great benefits that come along with Microsoft BI click here  and don’t miss this excellent video  featuring Treb Gatte showing how to use the BI Center.

How much does BI cost?
To be consistent with the on-demand and ‘per-user’ pricing model for My BeMo plan, we priced the BI subscription at $49.95 per BI user.

How do I get BI?
BeMo subscribers can contact directly our sales team at to order this features.  If you do not yet subscribe to My BeMo, you must first sign up for My BeMo. In this case, go to click on “Sign Up Now” to get your initial provisioning done and we then promptly enable the BI service for you.

Want to know more?
To find out more about Microsoft BI and other BeMo services, Please go to  or contact our sales team at

>How project updates really work

>We are still completing all of our bug fixes, tweaks, cosmetic changes and keeping the BeMo user interface simple and easy-to-use. We will be rolling out the first official BeMo – Project Intelligence version very shortly, but it is very important for us to keep testing our infrastructure so that we are absolutely confident we can deliver on our promises when we do start to “ship”.

It’s all about doing what is necessary to achieve your desired results.

Isn’t that project management in a nutshell? It can get so crazy, sometimes you just have to take step back, breathe…and have a laugh. So to that end…

You’ve probably all seen this famous cartoon, “How Projects Really Work”. Well, now you can customize and tweak this cartoon yourself to fit the project your working on, and share it with others who may get a chuckle out of it.

Just go to the Project Cartoon website, enter the title for your project, re-arrange or delete cells as appropriate, and create some new captions. Save it, and you’ll have a unique URL with your own unique “How Projects Really Work” cartoon.
Do you have any other links to some prject management humour? Feel free to procrastinate a bit and share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page.
Then get back to work!

Oh and PS…don’t forgot to follow @bemopro on Twitter for even more distractions as we get closer to launch!

>BeMo First Update

>With just one week of beta testing under our belts, and based on our beta testers’ feedback, we have already closed 46 bugs/issues this week! So without further ado, here are the first round of BeMo bug fixes.

Email Notifications

  • HTML email templates are now being sent instead of cryptic text messages when a user signs up for the My BeMo Services, resetting password etc…
  • After many of our Beta testers using Hotmail told us that they were not receiving any notifications, we found out that was being blocked by Microsoft. After a lot of research and hours of network tweaks, we are happy to report that any,, and users are now fully receiving BeMo emails

FAQ/Knowledge Base

  • Search improved – FAQ titles and knowledge base pages are now fully searchable
  • FAQ button interference with Search results has been fixed
  • Now notify user when no records are found during KB or FAQ search

Easier User Experience

  • Logic update–limit PWA name to 15 characters, limit to numeric entries only in some fields (no characters) and less than 1000 (999 max)
  • Made sure that not illegal character are being entered in the PWA instance name (was still trying to be provisioned 24 hours later)
  • Improved the sign-up sheet –it’s now clear which fields are mandatory
  • Improved the page formatting on the “My BeMo” account pages
  • Fixed several links from site that were still linked to our test servers
  • Hovering on URL now provide visual feedback to user (alt text)
  • Fixed several spelling errors thoughout the site
  • Fixed bug where username & password were not retained when switching among password/username fields
  • Order ID Confirmation is now 6 digits instead of 64 characters


  • We made it easier for all of you to read our “Term of use” page (our lawyer is also happier!)


  • Turned on Blog feature so that we can start a direct dialog with our Beta users!

And many more back-end issues