An update to BeMo Lite for iPhone to be released in the coming days

Today, one customer reported the following issue with her BeMo Lite for iPhone v1.0

The error reported was:

The Dev team was able to reproduce the issue and just released a fix. Once Apple approves the updated version (can take up to 3 business days), every BeMo Lite for iPhone users will be get their application updated with this latest fix (v1.1)

Please continue to send us your feedback!

BeMo – Update 1.4

Again this week we have made some minor updates and bug fixes. So small, in fact, that our users will barely notice them – at the moment. We are still preparing for our major update which we plan to rollout in beta 1.5 next week. When we do roll it out, you will be able to see all of these “minor” updates and bug fixes in a big way!

In other news, get out your calendars and mark down November 16 – 18, 2010. Now get out your Google Maps and point at Barcelona, Spain, because our very own Joel Lachance will be at the next Microsoft Project event to introduce BeMo – Project Intelligence to the world:

Plus, we are  planning to have both Bruno and Joel present at Microsoft’s Tech-Ed North America in Atlanta that is happening in May, 2011.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, and find us on Facebook to become a part of the BeMo – Project Intelligence community and to stay up to date with the world of BeMo!

>BeMo First Update

>With just one week of beta testing under our belts, and based on our beta testers’ feedback, we have already closed 46 bugs/issues this week! So without further ado, here are the first round of BeMo bug fixes.

Email Notifications

  • HTML email templates are now being sent instead of cryptic text messages when a user signs up for the My BeMo Services, resetting password etc…
  • After many of our Beta testers using Hotmail told us that they were not receiving any notifications, we found out that was being blocked by Microsoft. After a lot of research and hours of network tweaks, we are happy to report that any,, and users are now fully receiving BeMo emails

FAQ/Knowledge Base

  • Search improved – FAQ titles and knowledge base pages are now fully searchable
  • FAQ button interference with Search results has been fixed
  • Now notify user when no records are found during KB or FAQ search

Easier User Experience

  • Logic update–limit PWA name to 15 characters, limit to numeric entries only in some fields (no characters) and less than 1000 (999 max)
  • Made sure that not illegal character are being entered in the PWA instance name (was still trying to be provisioned 24 hours later)
  • Improved the sign-up sheet –it’s now clear which fields are mandatory
  • Improved the page formatting on the “My BeMo” account pages
  • Fixed several links from site that were still linked to our test servers
  • Hovering on URL now provide visual feedback to user (alt text)
  • Fixed several spelling errors thoughout the site
  • Fixed bug where username & password were not retained when switching among password/username fields
  • Order ID Confirmation is now 6 digits instead of 64 characters


  • We made it easier for all of you to read our “Term of use” page (our lawyer is also happier!)


  • Turned on Blog feature so that we can start a direct dialog with our Beta users!

And many more back-end issues