Email Migration: 4 most frequently asked questions of an office 365 migration

Which email providers can we migrate?

We can migrate any email provider to Office 365! We most frequently do the following: GoDaddy to Office 365 migration, IMAP migration to office 365, google apps to office 365 migration, Hotmail migration to Office 365, and On-premise Exchange to Office 365.

What can be migrated?

In short, everything.

If you’d like the long list, then: your inbox, personal calendar, shared calendars, contact list, blocked senders list, blocked domain list, distribution list, auto forward rules, all your domains, all SMTP addresses (aliases), standard groups, security groups, SharePoint, and your OneDrive!

How long does it take?

1 to 7 days. Depending on your need, we can even have it done after business hours (so your business is uninterrupted) and we can even work on the weekend. Microsoft policy sets the transfer limit to 10GB per user per day, with the cap at 70GB per user. If your inbox is larger than 70GB we ask that you do some spring cleaning before the migration.

Will the synchronization continue to occur up until the time of conversion?

Yes, the synchronization will continue to synchronize current emails until the “cut over” period. Outgoing or incoming emails during this period will be placed on hold, but will resume when connected to Microsoft Exchange, therefore no data or emails will be lost.

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