BeMo Project Server Training Pack 2013 – June 2014 release

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P2013icon_64x64BeMo has just released a refreshed version of its highly successful Project Server Training Pack 2013 (formerly known as Content Pack 2013) a fully configured instance of Project Server 2013 pre-populated with sample data based on the fictional Contoso Company. In addition to being extremely helpful as a sample of Project Server 2013 for training purposes, it can also be used by individuals who want to experiment with and experience working with a fully configured Project Server 2013 instance.

This latest release of the Training Pack provides users with:

  • 8 PWA users — one Executive, one Portfolio Manager, three Project Managers, two Team Members PLUS one super user who can act as either a Project Server Administrator, Project Manager, Team Member or a Portfolio Manager. This allows users of the Training Pack to assume any user role.
  • An ERP (Enterprise Resource Pool) that has over 120 work, material and cost resources, that can be assigned as enterprise resources, with assigned RBS codes for the work resources and Position Role Enterprise Code that allows for skills matching when building project teams.
  • 29 project and proposal schedules distributed between the Head of the PMO and the four project managers.
  • All schedules moved forward in time with allocated work for 2014.

schedulesMovedForwardSchedules moved forward 

  • 2 complete Programs, both including cost and work budgets.
  • 23 new project and task Enterprise Custom fields added to the existing 6 out-of-the-box Enterprise Custom fields.
  • A revised comprehensive Project, Portfolio Management (PPM) strategy which now includes a resource-based analysis as well as a cost-based analysis. A number of the schedules in the portfolio analysis use Project Server’s Resource Plans.
  • A number of new customized BI (Business Intelligence) reports to support resource-based PPM analysis in addition to the existing out-of-the-box BeMo provided BI sample reports.

NewCustomizedBIreportsNew customized BI reports

  • A 90 page Guide that defines the implemented Project Server features plus the associated business-oriented processes. Users of the Training Pack understand the environment in which this instance of Project Server is designed to support.
  • A Self-Study Guide for Microsoft Exam 74-344: Managing Programs and Projects with Project Server 2013, which uses the content of the Training Pack.

The Training Pack is available on a monthly basis as an addition to our BeMo Cloud offering with a Project Professional connection or Project Pro for Office 365 subscription. To create additional BI reports and dashboards users will require a BeMo Business Intelligence (BI) subscription.

For users of Project Server 2010, BeMo also has a similar Training Pack.

Learn more and sign up for BeMo Project Server Training Pack 2010 and 2013

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