Happy 3rd birthday BeMo!!!!

As one of the BeMo founders, it is an amazing feeling to be able to write this blog post three years later. Today, having BeMo be one of the world leader in Project Server and SharePoint hosting, fast growing and profitable is just the dream of every entrepreneur – I feel very privileged to experience the stage of our company today!

This past year again, no exception – what a ride! I would not want to trade my place with anyone else

For me, being part of BeMo is just a lot of fun. I would summarize the past 12 months in three words “growth, innovation, fun.” The key milestones this year were our first experience in securing Venture Capital funding. It for sure took a lot more work than what I envisioned, however, we learned a lot in the process. After reading a lot of books and articles on pros and cons of raising VC money, Joel and I can now attest that we experienced it first-hand. In 2012, BeMo secured strategic investments from two highly reputable Venture Capitalists (VC) – Kima Ventures and Zgarage. We do not regret it – it was the right thing to do for us – because these investments have allowed us to accelerate our business maturity in keys area of our company and maintain our phenomenal annual 3 digit growth since BeMo’s inception.

From the Product offering side, we started BeMo with only one offering – Project Server 2010 and 3 datacenters. Three years later, we have really become a mature company with a complete PPM product portfolio (Office 365, SharePoint, Project, etc.) and have grown our global datacenter presence to 14 locations globally (you can find more details on company overview page).

The next 12 months seems even better – we are working hard to complete our worldwide footprint by adding datacenter options in Australia, Brazil, and Japan. BeMo will continue to differentiate itself from others with its “instant provisioning” while enabling our customers to order their services with their favorite add-ons from company such as FluentPro, Matan, Nintex, TPG, UMT and more!

At the end of it, none of it would be possible without our team – between the team members that have been with BeMo since we started to the ones that joined us this year, I just want to thank all of you! I am learning a lot throughout your professionalism, your vision and your perseverance to make sure BeMo delivers leading edge technology and service with a focus on customer experience.

Cannot wait to celebrate the fourth birthday!

Bruno Lecoq
BeMo Co-Founder and President

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