New Microsoft Project Server 2010 for Enterprise Project Management book based on BeMo Content Pack

BeMo is very proud of the new book written by James Bulmer for project managers / project planners who are responsible for developing and maintaining projects and programs using either Microsoft Project Professional 2010 connected to Project Server 2010 or Project Web App (PWA). The book explains the Project Server administrative options that control the actions project managers can and cannot take when using Project Server 2010. It also covers Project Server’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities.

Best of all “Microsoft Project Server 2010 for Enterprise Project Management” solves a major pain point for anyone that wants to learn and practice as they go since it is based on the BeMo Content Pack. The BeMo Content Pack is based on the fictional Contoso Company and delivers a similar experience as documented in numerous publications on Project Server 2010. Being deployed as an option on BeMo Cloud, the BeMo Content Pack does not require any special hardware or any virtualization software. All you need is Internet Explorer and an internet connection. The BeMo Content Pack comes with:

  • 8 Role-based logins
  • 120+ enterprise resource pool
  • 20+ projects and proposals all with customized project sites
  • Two sample programs, one of a inserted three project schedules and one of two inserted project schedules
  • The out-of-the-box Project Server Sample Workflow
  • A Project Portfolio Management (PPM) strategy that is linked to the Sample Workflow.
  • A customized Business Intelligence (BI) experience (requires BI service option on your BeMo Cloud )
  • A comprehensive 75-page guide

To buy James’ book – Microsoft Project Server 2010 for Enterprise Project Management – simply go to As an added bonus for the people who acquire the BeMo Content Pack, it has a 180 page Lab manual that relates directly to the Chapters in the book.

James, again, you have done an amazing job! Your book will become quickly a bible on how to learn Project Professional and Project Server 2010!

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