Take a free tour of Project Server with BeMo Content Pack

The easiest way to get a training and demonstration environment for Microsoft Project Server 2010 – No special hardware or complicated virtualization software required.

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Now could not be a better time to take a free tour of Microsoft Project Server 2010 hosted on BeMo Cloud which comes along our most recent release of BeMo Content Pack version 2.0.

BeMo Content Pack is based on the fictional Contoso Company and it provides hands-on capability to train users on Microsoft Project Server 2010. BeMo Content Pack is the perfect environment to demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Project Server 2010.

What is great about BeMo Content Pack 2.0?

  • It is provisioned as an option on BeMo Cloud and does not require any special hardware nor complicated virtual machine to install.
  • We took the automation to the next level and we can deploy it in matter of minutes
  • It features numerous content enhancement and is in sync with a soon-to-be released Project Server training book written by one of your partner Training Expert.
  • BeMo Content pack pricing starts as low as $49

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