One good reason to use Project Server 2010 hosted vs. On Premise – Better Uptime

One of the main reasons to go Hosted vs. On Premise solution is the ability to truly measure the uptime of your Project Server 2007 or 2010 infrastructure. As many of you are aware, Microsoft Project Server is not the simplest solution to manage (Windows Server, IIS, SQL, SharePoint, Project Server, and more) and making sure that all the appropriate applications and services are always up to date and fine-tuned require a very deep knowledge of all the pieces.

We know at BeMo ( by experience, that not many IT departments truly know how (of course, most of them will claim the opposite) to get the best performance out of their Project Server 2010 solution.

At BeMo, we know that uptime SLA is one of the core metrics that our customers care about and BeMo takes it very seriously – we use Uptrends ( – a third party to independently measure and report our uptime. Monthly, we published our official uptime SLA on our blog ( ), our Facebook ( and via our Tweeter (@bemopro) accounts and, even back it up via a financial compensation if we happened to not meet our 99.9% uptime guaranteed SLA. None of our competitors offer such a transparency in their SLA measurement.

BeMo had a very good 2011 year concerning our Project Server 2010 uptime SLA – an average of 99.96% over 12 months! We are very confident that we can compete very well against any of BeMo competitors but also beat, hands down, most of any ‘In-House IT department’ managing their internal Project Server 2007 and 2010 solutions.

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