Project Server 2010 made easy by BeMo- Review by Project MVP Gerard Ducouret

On December 18. 2011, Gerard Ducouret, Project MVP from Pragma-soft ( published a nice article in French about his review of BeMo Cloud – you can find the original article @

Here is the English translation of the same article

Tempted by hosted solutions, we tested BeMo Cloud hosted Microsoft Project Server by BeMo. BeMo was founded by two former Microsoft employees: Joël Lachance and Bruno Lecoq. Joël Lachance is francophone, which will reassure some French decision makers 🙂

BeMo Cloud is a solution delivering Microsoft Project Server 2010 hosted on shared servers (Multi-tenant). This offering is ideal for 1 to 100 users (and can be deployed in less than 30 minutes). The package we tested included the following features:

  • High availability
  • Project Server 2010 Business Intelligence (BI)
  • 1 GB of data storage per user.

We were particularly interested by the response time. They are quite satisfactory. For the Project Server functions that are not required for Business Intelligence, we found the response time similar to those of an ‘in-house’ deployment. For Business intelligence functions which involve Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services), the response time was slightly longer, but remain quite good for you to still have a good experience with the product. We appreciated the responsiveness of the BeMo technical support because the setting of everything that revolves around BI is not very straight forward; workaround were always provided within few hours after the submission of the problem.

With BeMo hosted solutions, complication normally associated with setup and maintenances are now things of the past.

We also tested the access to our database through the BeMo Lite application running on an iPad 2. It is extremely handy and allows easy monitoring of the tasks progress via your iPad. There is not yet the management of the time sheets, but this feature is promised (at the date of December 15, 2011) for the coming weeks.

We believe this solution offered by BeMo can significantly interest small and medium-sized businesses which do not have the financial means to finance an IT department.

For more information about Project Server 2010 by BeMo, please visit the page

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