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December 8, 2011

Volume 1, Number 2  

In This Issue:

BeMo Enterprise Project Management Partners:

BeMo has a number of world class EPM Partners that are available to provide organizations with capabilities that have been tailored for specific roles such as executive stakeholders, portfolio and project managers, team members, resource managers, and IT managers.

The most recent addition to this list is PM Providers.

For more details on anyone of our EPM Partners please visit and select the Partners tab

BeMo Content Pack:

BeMo has just released BeMo Content Pack. This is a refreshed and upgraded version of our BeMo DeMo. BeMo Content Pack is a fully configured and populated Project Server 2010 image. It was developed to provide hands-on capability for the training of project managers / planners who will be working with Project Professional 2010 connected to Project Server 2010 in an enterprise-wide project management environment.

It can also be used as a demonstration framework to illustrate the features and functions of Project Server 2010.

The image has a 120 + Enterprise Resource Pool, over 20 projects and proposals, including a two comprehensive programs, all with customized Project Sites. The out-of-the-box Project Server Sample Workflow is fully integrated with a comprehensive cost-based Portfolio Analysis strategy. It also includes customized BI (Business Intelligence).

Most importantly the BeMo Content Package can be accessed using IE and your own copy of Project Professional 2010 — no virtualization hardware or software and no special disk drive.

For more information send an email to

BeMo Mobile Applications Update:

  • iPhone — update to V1.2 which will offer timesheet functionality right from your iPhone; available end of December.

    For more details on this application see Vol. 1 Issue 1

  • Android — Version 1 is entering the final stages of development. We expect to release it at the end of December, around the same time as the iPhone update.

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BeMo LLC – US Headquarters

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Interview with Joel Lachance

In this the second issue of BeMo News we are featuring Joel Lachance, our VP Operations. Joel is one of the Co-founders of BeMo, along with Bruno Lecoq. Joel spent 12 years at Microsoft Corporation in a number of positions including managing a PMO, as well as supporting various enterprise wide initiatives.

Question: Joel, what makes BeMo a fun place to work?

Joel: From our napkin design in early 2010, to the release of BeMo Content Pack and upgrade this week to Project Server SP1 along with our participation in the PMO Symposium in Orlando last month, BeMo has always been driven by a ‘can-do’ attitude from the entire team. This approach gives everyone at BeMo the fuel needed to aim higher every day and to delight our customers through our personal touch, innovation and cost effective solutions.

As you may imagine, Microsoft Project Server is a complex offering and we are never short of opportunities to address customer needs and learn new tips and tricks. In order to meet current and future customer expectations we must continuously apply a combination of talents from our technical sales, engineering, IT operation, marketing and finance people. This multi-disciplinary approach with very closely knit teams is what makes BeMo such a fun place to be.

We all get a lot of pride from the feedback we receive from customers and from the fact that BeMo is starting to have an influence on the EPM market in a big way. Our quick provisioning (Editor: Less than 30 minutes) and ability to deploy our dedicated server solutions on 3 continents, in 8 different cities. This means organizations of any sizes can simply and easily realize the full potential of EPM. After all as we keep reminding ourselves BeMo is Microsoft Project Server for everyone.

Take a Tour of Microsoft Project Server 2010

One of the requests that BeMo gets frequently is what does Project Server 2010 look and feel like when it is configured and has resources and project / proposals?

In response BeMo is now offering a FREE, NO OBLIGATION tour of a fully configured instance of Microsoft Project Server 2010. This tour, hosted on BeMo Cloud and provisioned with the BeMo Content Pack, allows users to “play” with and “experience” an absolutely real-life experience of hosted Microsoft Project Server 2010.

To learn more and try it go to
and click on “Take a free tour“.

BeMo’s Global Expansion Continues

Earlier this fall BeMo announced that its dedicated services could now be hosted in Amsterdam and Singapore. As of last week, we are proud to announce that we are now able to offer our dedicated hosting services in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

This addition gives unparalleled choices to our customers allowing them to choose amongst 14 different data centers located on 3 continents in 8 cities: Dallas TX, Houston TX, San Jose CA, Seattle WA, Washington DC, Kelowna, BC, Amsterdam and Singapore.

All of BeMo’s customer data is hosted in CISCA 5970 Type B or SSAE 16 (formerly SAS 70 Type II) compliant data centers.

Our Featured Product: BeMo PoC

BeMo is proud to announce a new addition to our family of dedicated server offerings — BeMo Proof of Concept (PoC). BeMo PoC is Microsoft Project Server 2010 in a standalone configuration, running on a Virtual Machine.

BeMo PoC is ideal for 10+ PWA (Project Web App) users. It is the most economical solution for getting a “sandbox” environment for Proof of Concept or for a small team requiring customization of Project Server 2010, plus integration with 3rd party applications.

Optionally BeMo PoC can be configured for Business Intelligence (BI), VPN, Active Directory, and Exchange or Domino integration.

BeMo PoC can be deployed rapidly in any of our 14 data centers and scaled up seamlessly to meet organizations expanding capacity requirements

With BeMo’s standard no setup fees, no support fees, no cancellation fees or long-term commitment, BeMo PoC’s monthly subscriptions start at $999.95 + $29.95 per users (min. of 10 users required) and includes 10GB of storage and multi-language support. For complete details including all of the options that are available please visit

BeMo at PMO Symposium 2011

BeMo was one of the exhibitors at PMO Symposium 2011. It was held November 6th to 9th at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Orlando, FL, USA, which is on the grounds of Universal Studios.

The symposium was very successful – in fact the organizers had to close registration well before the start. BeMo was represented by Joel Lachance (on right in picture below) and James Bulmer. They meet a large number of people from the US and as far away as Belgium and New Zealand who wanted more information on our hosted solutions.

The dates and location of the PMI’s PMO Community of Practice 2012 Symposium have not yet been announced. We will publish the details in the Newsletter as soon as they are released.

Ask the Experts

Question: What are the rules / recommendations regarding the default Enterprise Custom Fields that are created when Project Server is deployed?


When Project Server 2010 is installed it generates a number of Enterprise Custom

Fields — the screen capture at right shows the 20 default Enterprise Custom Fields.

These Enterprise Custom Fields are actually divided into two separate groups. Specifically:

  • The 13 that start with the word Sample, for example “Sample Approved Finish Date”.
  • The other seven (7) fields each of which has a defined use in Project Server 2010.

The fields starting with “Sample” are part of the out-of-the-box Workflow that is part of Project Server 2010. Organizations have the following options in terms of these fields:

  • Accept them and use as part of the installed Workflow.
  • Rename them and use as part of the installed Workflow.
  • Ignore them until the organization understands exactly what they want to do about the default Workflow.
  • Delete them which will result in the installed Workflow not working correctly.

The other seven (7) Non-Sample fields are very different than the 13 Sample fields. Organizations have the following options for these fields:

  • Use as intended by the creators of Project Server. For example if the organization wants to implement RBS (Resource Breakdown Structure) then use the predefined RBS custom field and its associated table.
  • Ignore them. For example if an organization does not want to assign RBS codes to resources then they do not enter this data for their resources.

What organizations must NOT DO is delete any of these seven (7) Enterprise Custom Fields. Project Server 2010 is built to require these fields and will fail to perform as expected if they are renamed or deleted.

We are looking for questions you would like answered in subsequent Newsletters. Just send your question to We will answer one or two in each of the upcoming issues.


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