Take a tour of Microsoft Project Server 2010 SP1 hosted in the cloud for free

Many people contact our BeMo Sales team and are asking some of the following questions:

  •  Should I move to Microsoft Project hosted in the cloud?
  • How is the speed of Project Server 2010 hosted on BeMo infrastructure compared to my in-house deployment?
  • How can I ‘play’ with Project Server 2010 and ‘see’ if the solution can meet my needs?

It is now simple – we have completed the possibility for any of you to experience our Microsoft Project Server 2010 SP1 tour on BeMo – it is free to anyone in the world and it is ready within 5 min!

Just go to www.bemopro.com

On the home page, click on “Take a free tour”

You will be asked to quickly register – Once done, within minutes, you will receive your log in information to a full functioning PWA!

In order to be able to fully take advantage of the Microsoft Project Server 2010 tour, we have added our BeMo Content Pack, which provides hands-on capability to demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Project Server 2010.

The BeMo Content Pack is based on the fictional Contoso Company and delivers a similar experience as documented in numerous publications on Microsoft Project Server 2010. Being deployed as an option on BeMo Cloud, BeMo Content Pack does not require any special hardware or any virtualization software. All you need is Internet Explorer and an internet connection. Alternatively, you can use it along with Microsoft Project Professional 2010.

BeMo Content Pack comes standard with:

  • 120+ enterprise resource pool
  • 20+ projects and proposals with customized project sites
  • A program sample of four project schedules
  • An Out-of-the-box Project Server sample workflow
  • A comprehensive 75-page documentation (not included in this free tour)
  • A customized Business Intelligence (BI) experience (requires BI service option on BeMo Cloud) (not included in this free tour)

Hopefully, you will be convinced that Microsoft Project Server 2010 hosted on BeMo infrastructure is the right solution for you!

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