Demo Project Server 2010 using IE and your own copy of Project Professional 2010 — more details

Following our announcement last week of our newly offering – BeMo DeMo, a fully configured and populated Project Server 2010 image, I am happy to blog again about it and give you more details – we have been happily surprised by the positive reaction of our Project Server 2010 community concerning this product.

BeMo DeMo is the easiest way to get a training and demonstration environment for Microsoft Project Server 2010 – No special hardware or complicated virtualization software required

What is it?

BeMo DeMo provides hands-on capability to train users on Microsoft Project Server 2010 and is also the perfect environment to demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Project Server 2010.

BeMo DeMo is based on the fictional Contoso Company and delivers a similar experience as documented in numerous publications on Project Server 2010.

Why BeMo DeMo?

Being deployed as an option on BeMo Cloud, BeMo DeMo does not require any special hardware or any virtualization software. All you need is Internet Explorer and an internet connection. Alternatively, you can use it along with Project Professional 2010.

BeMo DeMo comes standard with:

  •  120+ enterprise resource pool
  • 20+ projects and proposals with customized project sites
  • A program sample of four project schedules
  • An Out-of-the-box Project Server sample workflow
  • A comprehensive 75-page documentation
  • A customized Business Intelligence (BI) experience (requires BI
    service option on your BeMo Cloud )

For more information, please check the details on our web site @

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