Microsoft Business Intelligence now available with My BeMo – hosted Microsoft Project Server 2010 ready in 30 minutes

BeMo is pleased to announce that Microsoft Business Intelligence is now available as an option for My BeMo – hosted Microsoft Project Server 2010 ready in 30 minutes.

While from day 1 BeMo has been offering Microsoft BI with all its dedicated plans, we had to engineer a user-friendly and secure solution for our multi-tenant platform (My BeMo).  Our development team made it happening and since then we have received extremely positive feedback from our beta-user community. Also, we are amazed by the demand BI has generated from our subscribers. More than ever, we are ready to onboard more BI users and help them unlock the full power of Microsoft Project Server 2010.

What is BI?
BI is a reporting and dashboarding application build on top of Performance Point which help collect, categorize, understand, and make decisions about project data. To learn more about the great benefits that come along with Microsoft BI click here  and don’t miss this excellent video  featuring Treb Gatte showing how to use the BI Center.

How much does BI cost?
To be consistent with the on-demand and ‘per-user’ pricing model for My BeMo plan, we priced the BI subscription at $49.95 per BI user.

How do I get BI?
BeMo subscribers can contact directly our sales team at to order this features.  If you do not yet subscribe to My BeMo, you must first sign up for My BeMo. In this case, go to click on “Sign Up Now” to get your initial provisioning done and we then promptly enable the BI service for you.

Want to know more?
To find out more about Microsoft BI and other BeMo services, Please go to  or contact our sales team at

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One Response to Microsoft Business Intelligence now available with My BeMo – hosted Microsoft Project Server 2010 ready in 30 minutes

  1. Don Cooley says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the arrangement you all worked out to provide BI services in the My Bemo environment is working great. The virtual machine provides the necessary means to create the trusted links; then I can do most of the work of creating dashboard components in excel files in my normal work environment. I just need to launch the RDC window to “publish” the charts. This was a great accomplishment by your folks to make this available. It allows me to go much further in demonstrating the power of the toolset, hopefully leading to successful sales!

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