How does BeMo compare with other Project Server hosting companies?

BeMo staff often gets this question… How does BeMo compare with other Microsoft Project Server hosting companies?   This is a fair question to ask considering also that Project Server is a very complex product. Actually BeMo differentiate itself very well from its competition. For example:

• BeMo is the only company that can provide anyone on the planet with a Project Server instance in less than 30 minutes for as little as $79.95USD/month.

• With BeMo there is no minimum quantity of user, you can start with 1 user on My BeMo plan and grow as big as you need.

• With BeMo there are no setup cost, no long term contract and no hidden fee. We simplified the pricing model and made everything work on a month-to-month basis. This is a true on-demand service.

• Unlike other, with BeMo High-Availability and Disaster Recover come standard with most of our offerings.  We know how important your information is and you can’t afford down for hours or days if a server breaks.

• BeMo provide at plenty of storage so you can run your business. For example, My BeMo comes standard with 2GB of storage per user. Other hosting company may undersize your storage and charge you up to $35 per GB per month to make up for it.

• BeMo has built it services on with a-state-of-the-art servers connected to redundant 10GB network pipes, reducing latency and enabling people from all over the world to use our services.

• BeMo uptime SLA is monitored by a 3rd party every 5 minutes from 50 locations around the world giving our customers confidence they can count on our services 24/7. We post our SLA results on this blog monthly. This allows us to back up our 99.9% uptime SLA claim. To our knowledge none of our competitors goes that far.

There are many other undeniable advantages with BeMo and I would like to invite you to consult our Comparative Analysis or contact our Technical Sales Team directly for more details.

Joel Lachance, VP Operations

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