Version 1.2 – Update and News

Time just happens to be flying – especially when you are enjoying what you are doing – last week (on November 11) happened to be BeMo’s first month anniversary and we can tell you that we are very pleased with our progress to date – this week, we received three emails from BeMo customers telling us how much they have been impressed by the provisioning speed (for some customers it took even less than 30 minutes – just 11 minutes!) as well as the very good response time of their instance – it was all just really good to hear.

Again, even with good feedback, we are not resting and we continue to work hard to improve our product. On Friday, we released our 1.2 version – this updated version includes:

  • Fixes issues related to our FAQs
  • Remove a certification error our users were facing (being prompted when using BeMo Terminal services to enter extra credentials)
  • Updated the terms of services
  • Enhanced user experience making updates within the “My Account page”
  • Allow order form to accept address in 44 countries (mainly Europe) outside US and Canada.
  • Added language services pack (Deploy Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Portuguese)
  • Allow user to create a BeMo account without buying a product or service
  • Fixed diverse provisioning issues making the entire process better and more robust every week
  • Fixed an issue where Project Managers cannot modify resource fields

On the marketing front, we have also been busy as well! We launched our first ever BeMo promo (sign up for a 3-month subscription now, and get a 4th month free”

This week, Joel is in Barcelona attending the Project Momentum 2010 conference! If you happen to attend, please feel free to say ‘Hello’

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