TMD Bangkok Celebrates Five Years with the launch of BeMo – Project Intelligence

Branding Specialists TMD Bangkok Celebrates Five Years of Branding Success with the launch of BeMo – Project Intelligence


October 20, 2010 Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok’s premier branding and communications firm TMD (The Marketing Department) celebrates its five-year anniversary with the launch of BeMo – Project Intelligence.


At last week’s PMI (Project Management Institute) Global Congress in Washington DC, that featured a keynote speech by former US President Bill Clinton, BeMo – Project Intelligence made its official launch to over 3,000 project management specialists from around the globe. Having created one of the first on-demand hosting solutions for the recently released “Microsoft Project Server 2010”, BeMo – Project Intelligence is uniquely positioned to become a major player in an industry that will see the migration of over 20 million Microsoft Project 2007 users to its latest, fully integrated 2010 iteration.


What started out as a casual chat over beers between friends Bruno Lecoq and Joel Lachance, two recently resigned Microsoft veterans, and original beta testers of MS Project 2010, has after 6 months of hard work has become a reality. Helped by close friends and very 18 talented people from across the Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Canada, and the US, BeMo is open for business.


Following the mantra, stick to what you do best and outsource the rest, BeMo’s President and Founder, Bruno Lecoq contracted TMD to create, develop and launch their brand. “ TMD has made it possible to boil down a complex offering into something more palatable to the non-experts and we found the ideal partnership with TMD. As a matter of fact both Kirk and Jeff have the branding expertise we needed to launch BeMo in North America and at the same time they have provided a unique global perspective allowing BeMo to clearly differentiate itself and enable a global launch” commented Lecoq.


Operating from Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Tokyo, TMD has spent its five years working primarily with Southeast Asia-based clients, and with Managing Director, Kirk Bentham and Creative Director, Jeff Richards having started their careers in Vancouver, BC it was almost a return to their roots to have connected with the Seattle-based Lecoq and Lachance.


“It was like a breath of fresh Pacific Northwest air to have a client from our original neck of the woods, said Bentham. We code named the project ‘Seattle’s Best’ after the coffee franchise (until we came up with the brand name BeMo) to help get our headspace back into the North American rhythm. We started the project back in May when all hell was breaking loose in Bangkok with armed clashes in the streets. During one of our regular Skype meetings I could hear machine gun fire and explosions from outside as the military made their final push to end the siege, so it was a nice escape to be working on documents titled Seattle’s Best.”


“Getting past the war on the streets of Bangkok and into the North American headspace was not our only challenge, getting into the mechanics of Microsoft Project was also interesting development for us dedicated Mac users, said Richards. But with two very down-to-earth experts in Bruno and Joel to guide us, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and a huge appreciation for not only Microsoft’s project management solutions but for BeMo’s unique e-commerce approach to offering on-demand access to Microsoft Project Professional and Server 2010.”


TMD looks forward to continued success with BeMo and is enjoying working with a well-rounded roster of new 2010 clients that includes: Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, Cynergy Care, Kryoga, Thompson Reuters, Federal Logistics Services, Fun Language and San Miguel Beer.







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