BeMo – Project Intelligence Official Launch

For those of you that may have missed it. It was outstanding. Bruno was in DC hanging out with the SharkPro crew and breathing in the PMI Global Congress. Shaking hands and grinning from ear to ear because he and Joel had become proud fathers of their new venture BeMo – Project Intelligence officially on this day.

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BeMo – Project Intelligence Hosting Solution Unlocks the Full Power of Microsoft Project Server 2010

Companies of all sizes can now quickly and easily access and provision Microsoft Project hosting with specialized BeMo – Project Intelligence online EPM solutions and services.


Henderson, NV — October 11, 2010


Today marks the official launch of BeMo – Project Intelligence, a specialized online marketplace for Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions and related services. BeMo founders Bruno Lecoq and Joel Lachance have created the business to help individuals or companies of any size manage any and all of their projects online quickly and easily.


While a few key players like ProjectHosts, EPM Live are already in the burgeoning Microsoft Project Server 2010 hosting market, the BeMo – Project Intelligence founders feel they will become a market leader by offering MS Project users a faster and easier user experience. Besides MS Project hosting services, BeMo also offers an online marketplace with a large array of options and the ability to source Microsoft Project Consultants, Trainers, Custom Software Developers, Books and other EPM related products directly from their partners and affiliates.


“With BeMo you don’t have to worry about tedious setup time, setup fees, long-term commitment, licenses, hosting or backup. If you need Microsoft Project Server 2010, we will give it to you in 30 minutes along with our 30-day money back guarantee,” says BeMo president and co-founder Bruno Lecoq.


As a new player in a new era of online project management, BeMo intends to make its mark with ease-of-use, speed, robust servers, and their expertise and history in using Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010. Their straightforward approach to project management reflects their straightforward style.


“I would rather have people sign up for our risk free offer and see it with their own eyes,” adds co-founder and vice-president Joel Lachance, about their choice not to lure people with slick marketing and complex pricing, “We prefer to let the functionality and features of BeMo do the talking.”


When pressed for comments about the new service, beta users of the BeMo – Project Intelligence site responded promptly.


“BeMo is to hosted project management as Facebook is to social networking,” said Andre Zita, beta user and one of BeMo’s first account holders. “It took me less time to sign-up and host my project than it did to make a latte. BeMo is definitively a resource for project managers seeking to perform ahead of the competition.”



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