Version 1.1 – Updates & News

After launching BeMo 3 weeks ago, our dev team is continuing to improve the product to make even easier to use and more secure.

With our newly released version 1.1, we have enabled new back-end credit fraud security like AVS and CCV codes, redesigned the registration form to take into consideration shipping address vs. company address vs. billing address, added 50+ FAQ concerning the My BeMo product, updated our SLA page, and 50+ bug fixes reported by our users.

Outside of the software development, we are working hard to make sure that Joel is ready for the Project Momentum 2010 event in Barcelona this November. During the past 2 weeks, BeMo became a Microsoft Certified Partner (well done BeMo team), Shayan and Kirk from our marketing team are working hard to make sure that we are ready with cool material, demo, and information about BeMo for our booth on the Microsoft Project 2010 Showcase –

We have also been busy with all the companies that have been showing interest on partnering with BeMo (good problem to have – we are not complaining) – more announcements coming soon – we are very happy with the caliber of companies we are bringing into our BeMo Marketplace – it will be a great add-on for our BeMo end users to not only have a great project hosting solution via BeMo but also have world-class companies to choose from concerning Project 2010 training, consulting, development, and more.

Stay tuned for more announcements as the next two weeks will be busy with lots of new developments taking place.

BeMo – Project Intelligence and SharkPro Software Turbo Charge Microsoft Project Server 2010

Six months after the launch of Microsoft’s Project Professional and Server 2010, two new project management ventures have teamed up to turbo charge the global deployment of this game changing Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution.

Henderson, USA, Oct 25 2010 – Six months after the launch of Microsoft’s Project Professional and Server 2010, two new SaaS (Software as a Service) ventures have teamed up to turbo charge the global deployment of this game changing Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution. With over 20 million Microsoft Project 2007 users ready to step up to the fully integrated, cloud-based 2010 iteration, BeMo – Project Intelligence’s on-demand hosting solutions and SharkPro Software’s ready-to-use application could not have come at a more opportune time.

For the millions of users and businesses around the globe that rely daily on Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions, there is a lot to be happy about with the 2010 release. Previous versions 2007 and 2003 were primarily run on internal servers and required substantial financial investment into infrastructure, licenses and support personnel to operate, whereas the 2010 version is web-based and can be accessed globally through the internet, dramatically increasing collaboration capabilities.

This is where companies like BeMo come in. They provide the entire, fully licensed Microsoft software suite, along with the server infrastructure, on a monthly subscription similar to website hosting companies such as Go Daddy.

This means anyone can go online, sign up with BeMo, and be up and running within 30 minutes without having to invest in hardware, licenses or IT support personnel. Instant access also means rapid deployment of project and portfolio management, which is a huge evolution in business processes.

Another critical development in the EPM platform is SharkPro Software’s preconfigured project and portfolio management solution, powered by Microsoft Project Server 2010, and hosted by BeMo.

Together BeMo and SharkPro represent the leading edge of Microsoft Project 2010 service providers, and are uniquely positioned to be on the forefront of the global migration from MS Project 2007.

“We are thrilled to partner with SharkPro Software,” said BeMo founder and president Bruno Lecoq. “This strategic partnership will allow us deliver the best ever Project Server 2010 user experience. On one hand customers can get Project Server 2010 hosted by BeMo, provisioned in 30 minutes, and on the other you have SharkPro Software’s ready-to-use templates and intuitive interface. This instant access makes Microsoft Project Server 2010 more appealing and accessible to a much broader audience. This integration of SharkPro and BeMo allows users to focus directly on managing their projects and not on their tools and IT infrastructure.”

“We love the fact we are able to provision SharkPro Software’s customers on BeMo in just minutes, including our international customers. With our rapid growth and expansion, we have absolute confidence that BeMo will be able to handle the capacity. The agility of the global talent they brought together on such short notice for our BETA customers was exceptional. We have found the people that work at BEMO truly care about their customers and partners which makes this relationship a win-win for all of our customers, said Sharkpro Software founder and CEO, Greg Bailey.”

As Microsoft Project Professional and Server 2010 are still in relatively early days, BeMo – Project Intelligence and SharkPro Software are putting individuals or companies of any size on the fast track to manage any and all of their projects online – quickly and easily.

TMD Bangkok Celebrates Five Years with the launch of BeMo – Project Intelligence

Branding Specialists TMD Bangkok Celebrates Five Years of Branding Success with the launch of BeMo – Project Intelligence


October 20, 2010 Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok’s premier branding and communications firm TMD (The Marketing Department) celebrates its five-year anniversary with the launch of BeMo – Project Intelligence.


At last week’s PMI (Project Management Institute) Global Congress in Washington DC, that featured a keynote speech by former US President Bill Clinton, BeMo – Project Intelligence made its official launch to over 3,000 project management specialists from around the globe. Having created one of the first on-demand hosting solutions for the recently released “Microsoft Project Server 2010”, BeMo – Project Intelligence is uniquely positioned to become a major player in an industry that will see the migration of over 20 million Microsoft Project 2007 users to its latest, fully integrated 2010 iteration.


What started out as a casual chat over beers between friends Bruno Lecoq and Joel Lachance, two recently resigned Microsoft veterans, and original beta testers of MS Project 2010, has after 6 months of hard work has become a reality. Helped by close friends and very 18 talented people from across the Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Canada, and the US, BeMo is open for business.


Following the mantra, stick to what you do best and outsource the rest, BeMo’s President and Founder, Bruno Lecoq contracted TMD to create, develop and launch their brand. “ TMD has made it possible to boil down a complex offering into something more palatable to the non-experts and we found the ideal partnership with TMD. As a matter of fact both Kirk and Jeff have the branding expertise we needed to launch BeMo in North America and at the same time they have provided a unique global perspective allowing BeMo to clearly differentiate itself and enable a global launch” commented Lecoq.


Operating from Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Tokyo, TMD has spent its five years working primarily with Southeast Asia-based clients, and with Managing Director, Kirk Bentham and Creative Director, Jeff Richards having started their careers in Vancouver, BC it was almost a return to their roots to have connected with the Seattle-based Lecoq and Lachance.


“It was like a breath of fresh Pacific Northwest air to have a client from our original neck of the woods, said Bentham. We code named the project ‘Seattle’s Best’ after the coffee franchise (until we came up with the brand name BeMo) to help get our headspace back into the North American rhythm. We started the project back in May when all hell was breaking loose in Bangkok with armed clashes in the streets. During one of our regular Skype meetings I could hear machine gun fire and explosions from outside as the military made their final push to end the siege, so it was a nice escape to be working on documents titled Seattle’s Best.”


“Getting past the war on the streets of Bangkok and into the North American headspace was not our only challenge, getting into the mechanics of Microsoft Project was also interesting development for us dedicated Mac users, said Richards. But with two very down-to-earth experts in Bruno and Joel to guide us, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and a huge appreciation for not only Microsoft’s project management solutions but for BeMo’s unique e-commerce approach to offering on-demand access to Microsoft Project Professional and Server 2010.”


TMD looks forward to continued success with BeMo and is enjoying working with a well-rounded roster of new 2010 clients that includes: Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, Cynergy Care, Kryoga, Thompson Reuters, Federal Logistics Services, Fun Language and San Miguel Beer.







BeMo – Project Intelligence Official Launch

For those of you that may have missed it. It was outstanding. Bruno was in DC hanging out with the SharkPro crew and breathing in the PMI Global Congress. Shaking hands and grinning from ear to ear because he and Joel had become proud fathers of their new venture BeMo – Project Intelligence officially on this day.

Please read on…

BeMo – Project Intelligence Hosting Solution Unlocks the Full Power of Microsoft Project Server 2010

Companies of all sizes can now quickly and easily access and provision Microsoft Project hosting with specialized BeMo – Project Intelligence online EPM solutions and services.


Henderson, NV — October 11, 2010


Today marks the official launch of BeMo – Project Intelligence, a specialized online marketplace for Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions and related services. BeMo founders Bruno Lecoq and Joel Lachance have created the business to help individuals or companies of any size manage any and all of their projects online quickly and easily.


While a few key players like ProjectHosts, EPM Live are already in the burgeoning Microsoft Project Server 2010 hosting market, the BeMo – Project Intelligence founders feel they will become a market leader by offering MS Project users a faster and easier user experience. Besides MS Project hosting services, BeMo also offers an online marketplace with a large array of options and the ability to source Microsoft Project Consultants, Trainers, Custom Software Developers, Books and other EPM related products directly from their partners and affiliates.


“With BeMo you don’t have to worry about tedious setup time, setup fees, long-term commitment, licenses, hosting or backup. If you need Microsoft Project Server 2010, we will give it to you in 30 minutes along with our 30-day money back guarantee,” says BeMo president and co-founder Bruno Lecoq.


As a new player in a new era of online project management, BeMo intends to make its mark with ease-of-use, speed, robust servers, and their expertise and history in using Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010. Their straightforward approach to project management reflects their straightforward style.


“I would rather have people sign up for our risk free offer and see it with their own eyes,” adds co-founder and vice-president Joel Lachance, about their choice not to lure people with slick marketing and complex pricing, “We prefer to let the functionality and features of BeMo do the talking.”


When pressed for comments about the new service, beta users of the BeMo – Project Intelligence site responded promptly.


“BeMo is to hosted project management as Facebook is to social networking,” said Andre Zita, beta user and one of BeMo’s first account holders. “It took me less time to sign-up and host my project than it did to make a latte. BeMo is definitively a resource for project managers seeking to perform ahead of the competition.”



BeMo Project Intelligence Officially Launches!

We made it! Today marks the official launch of BeMo – Project Intelligence.

After six months of planning, preparing, designing, creating, building, and testing; BeMo is officially open for business.

Anyone can now provision our fast and scalable hosting solution to unlock the full power of Microsoft Project Server 2010!

Get all the juicy details after the jump.
With our initial My BeMo offering, we can now help individuals or companies of all sizes manage any and all of their projects quickly and easily – online and on demand.

We won’t delve into the vast array of details in this little blog post. There are so many, you should just head over to and find out all of the great benefits. Better yet – sign up and get started! We really will have you up and running with Microsoft Project Server 2010 fast – like “under 30 minutes” fast!

This is what BeMo co-founder and president Bruno Lecoq had to say about it:

“With BeMo you don’t have to worry about tedious setup time, setup fees, long-term commitment, licenses, hosting or backup. If you need Microsoft Project Server 2010, we will give it to you in 15 minutes along with our 30-day money back guarantee.” 

Read the full media release on the BeMo launch here.

Wait! There’s more. Not only are we officially rolling out BeMo Project Intelligence today, but we are at the PMI Global Congress in Washington DC to prove it.

If you are in DC for the PMI NAC (did you catch President Bill Clinton’s keynote address?), you can get much more detailed information from Bruno himself.

Stop by SharkPro Software (booth 1427) where Bruno will be promoting our BeMo partnership with SharkPro. He will be happy to talk with you about any and all things BeMo, whether it is our services and offerings, company info or partner enquiries.

Of course, you can also talk with Greg Bailey, founder and CEO of SharkPro Software about all the great things they are doing, as well.

It’s a very big day for us here at BeMo, so please help us celebrate by joining us at to see what BeMo Project Intelligence can do for your business right now.

And if you are at the PMI congress, go see Bruno. We know he would love to talk to you.

Lastly, a big THANK YOU shout out to the whole BeMo team for their efforts over the past six months (and who are constantly testing and retesting our architecture) and all of our beta users for their invaluable feedback and comments – keep them coming!

Now, the work really begins. Our mission? Simple:

We want BeMo – Project Intelligence ( to be the leading online marketplace for Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions and related services. By offering instant, highly dependable access to the best in on-demand EPM software as a service, our goal is to enable companies of any size be more successful managing their projects and businesses. 

BeMo Getting Ready to Rollout

We are very happy to announce that the BeMo global launch date has been set for Monday, October 11, 2010.

Barring any last minutes issues, we plan to leave “Beta” mode and open for business then with the official launch of BeMo – Project Intelligence. If you are not already a beta user, then please sign up on October 7 to manage your projects online with BeMo the ultimate Microsoft Project 2010 host. We are fast, flexible, affordable – and ready to roll!

We look forward to have all of you using BeMo for your day-to-day project and business planning needs, and receiving even more feedback on how we can continue to make our product even better.

We also want to thank all of our beta users for their invaluable help in getting us to where we are now.

For the entire BeMo team, the last six months have been an amazing journey and we are now just days away from being ready to share it with all of you!

PS – Come and see us at the PMI Global Congress in Washington, DC on October 11 and 12. Bruno Lecoq, BeMo’s co-founder and president, will be there, and he will be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding BeMo – Project Intelligence and our services and partner opportunities.