BeMo No-Challenge-Too-Great Update

This week, we have ‘tightened the screws’ even more on our back-end architecture. Not only that, but we’ve also completely re-engineered how our system handles individual SQL databases.

Again, from our perspective, BeMo’s highest priorities are to safeguard our customer data, offer services our customers can count on, and be as close to 100% uptime as possible. We are feeling very good about our backend architecture and reliability now, and here’s why:

We had a major challenge to overcome regarding security and backup recovery. As you may know, by default Microsoft has configured Project Server to store all project databases (PWAs) within one SQL database. This poses two potential problems. First, it’s far less secure, and second, it makes the database restore operation much more tedious when you have hundreds of customers and hundreds of databases to deal with.

Can you imagine having to restore an entire SQL database of hundreds of GB, when really all you need is to restore a PWA database of about 100 MB?

So, in order to uphold BeMo’s high standard for security and ease of use, we challenged our engineering development team to devise a solution that would address this problem. And guess what? They did.

Now offered as part of our standard solution, our engineering development team has implemented a system that will create one separate database for each Project database (PWA). This is quite a breakthrough! This will mean that we can backup/restore an individual PWA on the fly and keep each customer database separate from one another. With BeMo, now even our shared instances are not truly shared anymore. Your data is secured within its own non-shared database.

Again, one more reason to choose BeMo over the competition – and we haven’t even officially launched yet!

Exciting news on the BeMo – Project Intelligence launch is coming this weekend. Stay tuned!

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