>How project updates really work

>We are still completing all of our bug fixes, tweaks, cosmetic changes and keeping the BeMo user interface simple and easy-to-use. We will be rolling out the first official BeMo – Project Intelligence version very shortly, but it is very important for us to keep testing our infrastructure so that we are absolutely confident we can deliver on our promises when we do start to “ship”.

It’s all about doing what is necessary to achieve your desired results.

Isn’t that project management in a nutshell? It can get so crazy, sometimes you just have to take step back, breathe…and have a laugh. So to that end…

You’ve probably all seen this famous cartoon, “How Projects Really Work”. Well, now you can customize and tweak this cartoon yourself to fit the project your working on, and share it with others who may get a chuckle out of it.

Just go to the Project Cartoon website, enter the title for your project, re-arrange or delete cells as appropriate, and create some new captions. Save it, and you’ll have a unique URL with your own unique “How Projects Really Work” cartoon.
Do you have any other links to some prject management humour? Feel free to procrastinate a bit and share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page.
Then get back to work!

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