>Update 1.4 – and a half!

>Well, we have finally completed the implementation and testing of our entire backup processes!

All of our project server instances are now being backed up every 60 minutes. In conjunction with our “high availability” model of full clustering and full redundancy on all our systems – including firewall, network, SQL, IIS, etc. – we are very confident that the BeMo backend is pretty much unmatched by any of our Microsoft Project 2010 hosting competitors. This testing and commitment to delivering on our promises is what the BeMo experience is all about!

We are now putting the final touches on our new BeMo user interface that we will be launching in a just a few days. Our new UI will feature a simpler log-in sign up as well as a new ‘wizard type’ provisioning process. We think that this will make the entire experience of provisioning Microsoft Project something that can be done easily – and quickly – by anyone. This ease of use is another part of what the BeMo experience is all about.

We are also investigating a 3rd party monitoring system so that we can ‘officially’ publish BeMo’s uptime SLA live (our commitment is 99.9%) from our site. We take BeMo server uptime very seriously.

Many of our competitors use their SLA claims for marketing purposes, but they can’t really deliver on their promises to their customers. We do plan to advertise our BeMo 99.9% uptime (less than 42 min per month downtime), but with one difference: we plan to back up our claims! At BeMo – Project Intelligence we plan to deliver on what we promise. Integrity – just one more part of the BeMo experience.

On another note, come and meet some of the BeMo team in Washington, DC!

One of our fearless leaders, Bruno Lecoq, will be braving the waters of the PMI Global Congress 2010 in Washington DC on October 10 and 11. He’ll be there to meet with BeMo partners and others who have said they are interested in starting a close relationship with BeMo – Project Intelligence.

If you plan to be at the PMI conference, or are in the Washington DC area, and you would like to meet up with Bruno, please send him a note at here.

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