>Belated Updated: That’s what beta is all about

>We’ve had a lot going on at BeMo – Project Intelligence over the last couple of weeks – some of it good, and some of it not so good. This is what beta is all about, and this is why we are relying on our “geek friends and lead testers” at this time to put BeMo – Project Intelligence through its paces.

We’ve been ironing out the kinks and working with our data center to ensure that BeMo can deliver on the promises of quick and easy set up in under 15 minutes, as well as 99.9% uptime. It’s hard work when your aim is to be the fastest hosted Microsoft Project 2010 solution in
the business!
First, as our super fast early adopters and EPM friends unfortunately found out, we need to apologize for the glitch at our data center that saw our servers go down last week.
This meant that BeMo beta users weren’t able to access their PWAs, and as uptime is our top priority – this emulated a “worst case scenario” for us, and our users. We will need our BeMo community of users to trust that we are “always on”, and while we can’t apologize enough that this incident happened, we are incredibly thankful we were only one week into the beta rollout.

We have fixed the problem,and continue to test the system. There have been some unfortunate consequences, though. Most notably, we did lose some information so some user accounts will regrettably need to be set up again. If this has happened to your account, please accept our sincere apologies and know that we will do our utmost to make the new account process as smooth as possible.

Thank you to our early users for your patience in this regard – we hope you hang in there with us. We also would like to hear your comments (positive or negative) on how we dealt with this particular situation. Please leave your feedback in the Comments below, or send us an email message here.

We have learned immensely from this experience, but this is the reality of the beta experience some times. It’s kind of what beta is all about. We’ve fixed it, and we’re moving forward better than ever.

We now have a new beta version ready for rollout, with even more improvements for you to unlock the power of MS Project 2010. Stay tuned here for updates.

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