>BeMo First Update

>With just one week of beta testing under our belts, and based on our beta testers’ feedback, we have already closed 46 bugs/issues this week! So without further ado, here are the first round of BeMo bug fixes.

Email Notifications

  • HTML email templates are now being sent instead of cryptic text messages when a user signs up for the My BeMo Services, resetting password etc…
  • After many of our Beta testers using Hotmail told us that they were not receiving any notifications, we found out that bemopro.com was being blocked by Microsoft. After a lot of research and hours of network tweaks, we are happy to report that any Hotmail.com, live.com, and msn.com users are now fully receiving BeMo emails

FAQ/Knowledge Base

  • Search improved – FAQ titles and knowledge base pages are now fully searchable
  • FAQ button interference with Search results has been fixed
  • Now notify user when no records are found during KB or FAQ search

Easier User Experience

  • Logic update–limit PWA name to 15 characters, limit to numeric entries only in some fields (no characters) and less than 1000 (999 max)
  • Made sure that not illegal character are being entered in the PWA instance name (was still trying to be provisioned 24 hours later)
  • Improved the sign-up sheet –it’s now clear which fields are mandatory
  • Improved the page formatting on the “My BeMo” account pages
  • Fixed several links from www.bemopro.com site that were still linked to our test servers
  • Hovering on URL now provide visual feedback to user (alt text)
  • Fixed several spelling errors thoughout the site
  • Fixed bug where username & password were not retained when switching among password/username fields
  • Order ID Confirmation is now 6 digits instead of 64 characters


  • We made it easier for all of you to read our “Term of use” page (our lawyer is also happier!)


  • Turned on Blog feature so that we can start a direct dialog with our Beta users!

And many more back-end issues

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