>BeMo is Born!

>Welcome to BeMo – Project Intelligence!

Joel and I are very happy to be launching our baby,  BeMo – Project Intelligence, after many nights of working on ideas, business plans, launch plans and specifications.
With help from our close friends and spouses and the participation of 18 very talented people from across the Ukraine, Thailand, India, Japan, China, Canada, and the US who are now part of the BeMo family – we are truly happy to welcome you to bemopro.com.
BeMo’s mission is to become the leading online marketplace for Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions and related services. By offering instant, highly dependable access to the best in on-demand EPM software as a service, our goal is to enable companies of any size be more successful managing their projects and businesses.

Of course, we are only at the beginning of BeMo’s mission, however our first ever Beta – which takes the  Microsoft Project Server 2010 experience to the next level! – is the first step in that direction!

It is time for us to receive some candid feedback. This is the first time that BeMo is being shown outside of our development team. I am sure you may find issues that we may have simply overlooked in our excitement. We really want you to poke around and take a look under the hood of BeMo. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like , and ways you think we can improve.

Our plan is to stay in Beta until we believe we have reached a very high level of quality.

Every week, we will be updating our progress here on the BeMo – Project Intel blog. We plan to cover new features, bug fixes, new content as well as tips, tricks and other intel we receive from our beta testers. As we share our progress along the way, we hope to take the first of many steps in building a genuine community of BeMo users.

Thanks again in advance for your help and support!

Joel and Bruno

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