>BeMo Update 1.3

>This week we have just released minor updates and bug fixes.

At the moment, the BeMo team is hard at work getting ready to roll-out our major web re-design based on all the feedback we have received from our wonderfully geeky friends and beta users over the past four weeks.

We can’t wait for next week when we will be able to share with you our improved new look and ease of use.

Stay tuned!

>BeMo Update 1.2

>New update BeMo people!

We are now rolling out Bemo – Project Intelligence Beta Version 1.2 with some big changes.

Most importantly (and as a direct result of what happened in our previous post), BeMo – Project Intelligence is now being hosted by Softlayer. While our original host completely failed us with their one data center (remember: there is no such thing as “10,000%”), our new partnership with Softlayer allows us to offer hosting in Seattle, Dallas, and Washington, DC.

The most amazing part is that our entire system was set up – correctly, mind you – by SoftLayer in 2 hours instead of the five days by ServePath. The level of automation, backup and redundancy offered by Softlayer is light years ahead of ServePath, so much so that after just one week of switching, we have felt the difference and can tell that we have partnered with an amazing new team of professionals. We are confident that BeMo users will benefit greatly from this new partnership and better user experience.

Give Softlayer some love on Twitter (hey and us too, while you’re at it!)

Let’s get down to the updates!

Beta Update
On top of our new backbone system, we have made a lot of other improvements to our My BeMo solution (resolved 19 issues)


  • When a new user was being added to an existing plan, the user was not receiving the appropriate notification – this is now fixed
  • We have enabled the SMTP gateway, which mean that users will be able to receive task updates and notifications via email

Easier User Experience

  • My BeMo Account Page – we have simplified the page and cleaned up the “look & feel”
  • The button “MY PWAS” was renamed to “MY PWA”, plus many little fixes here and there

Project Professional 2010

  • Users are now able to access their Project Server instance using Project Professional 2010

As well as many more back-end issues.

>BeMo First Update

>With just one week of beta testing under our belts, and based on our beta testers’ feedback, we have already closed 46 bugs/issues this week! So without further ado, here are the first round of BeMo bug fixes.

Email Notifications

  • HTML email templates are now being sent instead of cryptic text messages when a user signs up for the My BeMo Services, resetting password etc…
  • After many of our Beta testers using Hotmail told us that they were not receiving any notifications, we found out that bemopro.com was being blocked by Microsoft. After a lot of research and hours of network tweaks, we are happy to report that any Hotmail.com, live.com, and msn.com users are now fully receiving BeMo emails

FAQ/Knowledge Base

  • Search improved – FAQ titles and knowledge base pages are now fully searchable
  • FAQ button interference with Search results has been fixed
  • Now notify user when no records are found during KB or FAQ search

Easier User Experience

  • Logic update–limit PWA name to 15 characters, limit to numeric entries only in some fields (no characters) and less than 1000 (999 max)
  • Made sure that not illegal character are being entered in the PWA instance name (was still trying to be provisioned 24 hours later)
  • Improved the sign-up sheet –it’s now clear which fields are mandatory
  • Improved the page formatting on the “My BeMo” account pages
  • Fixed several links from www.bemopro.com site that were still linked to our test servers
  • Hovering on URL now provide visual feedback to user (alt text)
  • Fixed several spelling errors thoughout the site
  • Fixed bug where username & password were not retained when switching among password/username fields
  • Order ID Confirmation is now 6 digits instead of 64 characters


  • We made it easier for all of you to read our “Term of use” page (our lawyer is also happier!)


  • Turned on Blog feature so that we can start a direct dialog with our Beta users!

And many more back-end issues

>BeMo is Born!

>Welcome to BeMo – Project Intelligence!

Joel and I are very happy to be launching our baby,  BeMo – Project Intelligence, after many nights of working on ideas, business plans, launch plans and specifications.
With help from our close friends and spouses and the participation of 18 very talented people from across the Ukraine, Thailand, India, Japan, China, Canada, and the US who are now part of the BeMo family – we are truly happy to welcome you to bemopro.com.
BeMo’s mission is to become the leading online marketplace for Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions and related services. By offering instant, highly dependable access to the best in on-demand EPM software as a service, our goal is to enable companies of any size be more successful managing their projects and businesses.

Of course, we are only at the beginning of BeMo’s mission, however our first ever Beta – which takes the  Microsoft Project Server 2010 experience to the next level! – is the first step in that direction!

It is time for us to receive some candid feedback. This is the first time that BeMo is being shown outside of our development team. I am sure you may find issues that we may have simply overlooked in our excitement. We really want you to poke around and take a look under the hood of BeMo. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like , and ways you think we can improve.

Our plan is to stay in Beta until we believe we have reached a very high level of quality.

Every week, we will be updating our progress here on the BeMo – Project Intel blog. We plan to cover new features, bug fixes, new content as well as tips, tricks and other intel we receive from our beta testers. As we share our progress along the way, we hope to take the first of many steps in building a genuine community of BeMo users.

Thanks again in advance for your help and support!

Joel and Bruno